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Breathe freely

with a healthy crawl space

Enlist our help to protect your crawlspace

• Mold

• Bad odor

• Pests, including bugs and rodents

• Structural damage

• Reduced storage space

• Unnecessary energy costs

• And more!

Don't put your home at risk

Due to the significant temperature and humidity changes in Indiana, moisture easily accumulates in vented or dirt crawlspaces that have not been waterproofed.

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• Family-owned and operated

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What's wrong with crawl space moisture?

Similar to the stack effect that draws air upward out of a chimney, rising warm air in your home will draw air from your crawl space into the first floor of your house. Up to 40% of the air that you breathe on your first floor is from the crawl space, which is why it's important to keep that air healthy and free from fungi, mold spores, and odor.

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