Clark Waterproofing

A Healthy Home Starts in the Basement!

Foundation repair Foundation repair Foundation repair

Safeguard your structure

against foundation damage

Recognize when your home needs foundation repair

• Cracks in the walls or stair steps that are bigger on one side than the other

• Cracks in the plaster and/or drywall of upstairs rooms

• Cracks in the exterior brickwork and or caulking

• Uneven floors

• Doors, cabinets, or windows do not shut properly

• Chimneys or porches lean to one side

• Call our team immediately if you notice any of these features in your home!

Let us provide vital foundation help

Call the team that specializes in foundation repair and basement wall reinforcement as well as waterproofing. Clark Waterproofing will prevent foundation issues ranging from basic to catastrophic.

Our benefits

• Timely

• Affordable

• Effective

• Environmentally-friendly

Attention Indiana flood victims

If you have noticed that your foundation walls are bulging as a result of flooding, your walls may be at risk of collapse. It is important that you call our trained inspectors to help you manage bowing and buckling in your foundation walls.  

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